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Akuma V1 Ghost Rider Motorcyle Helmet
Akuma V1 Ghost Rider Motorcyle Helmet

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Available in Gloss & Matte Finish & Several Visor Styles


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Akuma V1 Ghost Rider Motorcyle Helmet_5279
V1 Ghostrider Helmet
Designed by a former Navy pilot after the famed F-14 Tomcat fighter jet. The Helmet features authentic squadron accents from the famous and world renowned Jolly Rogers.

  • Integrated rechargeable power system which powers Afterburner� LED's in the rear vents for higher visibility. Plus it's just way cool!
  • Highly useful ultra bright led built into the front of the helmet. Useful for map reading, maintenance, or in any low-light situation. Light wherever you look. Not intended for use with visor down or while riding.
  • Hypoallergenic, removable, & washable interior
  • Chin-Curtain
  • DOT & ECE 22-05 Certified
  • Composite Fiberglass/Kevlar construction
  • Superior airflow through 6 vents.
  • Wind tunnel designed aerodynamic shape
  • UV resistant clear-coat
  • Includes wall charger for Power System
  • "Remove Before Flight" Key Chain

    AKUMA Helmets are some of the most technologically advanced motorcycle helmets in the world featuring a patented integrated rechargable power system (I.P.S.) , trademarked hyper-graphics, high visibility LEDs built into the back of the helmets, and an ultra bright map/utility light built into the front of the helmets.

    AKUMA Helmets started out as just an idea in a garage and soon blossomed into one of the newest, most technologically advanced helmet lines ever. We combined some of the most sought after features in motorcycle helmets into one helmet and left room for the incorporation of even greater technology as it becomes available. AKUMA Helmets is American owned and operated.

    The I.P.S. (Integrated Power System) used in our helmet line is a patented system invented and developed by Kerry Harris. The I.P.S. system is a total product philosophy which can, will, and is allowing products to be integrated and upgraded with the latest electronic features and customizations. Akuma helmets, the next step in helmet evolution.

    Helmet Visors are also available in assorted styles.
  • Installation
    Akuma helmets feature the latest in technological innovation and technology for helmets.

    To charge your helmet, locate the small Red recharge plug under the cheek pad between the bottom liner and plug it into a wall charger. Plug the wall charger into a U.S. rated socket for no more than 2 hours. After charging, unplug the helmet from the wall charger and tuck the recharge plug back under the cheek pad. In order to keep your helmet system functioning as designed and in good condition, please observe the following recommendations:

  • Do not immerse in water.
  • Do not charge the I.P.S. while wearing the helmet.
  • Do not insert objects into the charging port.
  • Do not disassemble or attempt to repair the helmet I.P.S.
  • If the system give off any unfamiliar odors of if there is any smoke, please return the helmet to the manufacturer for a full replacement.
  • Do not charge the I.P.S. with any other charger except the charger provided with the helmet.
  • Do not leave the helmet in a hot car or any other enviorment where the temperature could exceed 150 F
  • Do not charge the helmet for longer than neccessary. Charging requires a maximum of 2 hours.
  • Do not operate the LEDs with the system charging.

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    Akuma V1 Ghost Rider Motorcyle Helmet by Akuma