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Universal Driven Bar Pad - DSR71PD

Universal Driven Bar Pad - DSR71PD
Retail: 39.99

Universal Driven Standard Bar Pad - DSPD

Universal Driven Standard Bar Pad - DSPD
Retail: 27.99
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Motorcycle handlebar pads will be a great thing to install on your
bike if you are planning on going on a long trip in the near future.
This is because handlebar pads for motorcycles can be installed on any
bike that you own and all of them will help to reduce the vibration
and harshness that comes through the handlebars. We have many
satisfied customers who have put these on their bikes and experienced
less fatigue in their hands and arms. Another use for bike handlebar
pads is to keep your body from slamming into a bar metal bar and
getting hurt. These are especially useful for those people who are
riding off road bikes because they will be more susceptible to a
jarring impact. All motorcycle handle bar pads are super cheap to buy
and will really make your riding experience so much better.

Motorcycle Handlebar Pads
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