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Honda CBR900 Shark Skinz Bellypan - 1094
Honda CBR900 Shark Skinz Bellypan - 1094

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Fits: 1993-1995 Honda CBR900RR


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Get SHARKSKINZ and feel the difference. SHARKSKINZ started the revolution in material technology and production and continues to lead the market in quality and innovation. Our advanced processes enable us to build the most durable, best fitting and best-finished bodywork available.

Combining special epoxy resins, primers and woven cloth SHARKSKINZ thoroughly out performs the competition. Every piece of SHARKSKINZ bodywork is backed by our "No Spider Web Cracking" guarantee. Due to the fact that we use no gel coats, a thick brittle surface coat common in fiberglass parts, our parts won't get stress cracks in the finish like other bodywork. All SHARKSKINZ are finished in urethane primer and are ready to scuff and paint for a flawless finish. Your painter will love you. Due to our special resin and fiberglass combination, SHARKSKINZ are also able to survive crashes that would reduce other bodywork to dust. That is why we are the choice of current top factory teams.
Professional Installation is Recommended.

Honda CBR900 Shark Skinz Bellypan - 1094 Fits:
  • 1993-1995 Honda CBR900RR
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    Honda CBR900 Shark Skinz Bellypan - 1094 by Shark Skinz