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Universal TiteBike Reflect-A-Cool - 10460
Universal TiteBike Reflect-A-Cool - 10460

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12" X 12"
Fits: All Years Universal


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Item Number: 10460

Reflect-A-Cool 12" x 12"
Reflect-A-Coolis a sheet of reflective material with an adhesive back which offers outstanding protection against extreme heat. A combination of fiberglass and an aluminized layer of reflective foil, Reflect-A-Cool is ideal for firewalls, marine engine bays, RV "dog house" or in the tub of a racecar where typical mechanical fasteners cannot be used. Reflect-A-Cool will reflect up to 1000 degrees F and will protect against a direct continuous temperature of 400 degrees F.
  • Superior protection against radiant heat
  • Self adhesive for easy installation
  • Can be easily trimmed and cut to fit
  • Virtually NO clearance needed

    DEI Reflect-A-Cool FAQ

    How much heat can Reflect-A-Cool withstand?
    Reflect-A-Cool primary purpose is to serve as heat barrier against radiant heat up to 2000F. Should the need arise it can withstand nearly 400F of direct continuous heat.

    How is Reflect-A-Cool applied to surfaces?
    When installing Reflect-A-Cool be sure the aluminum side faces the heat source. The self adhesive backing will stick to nearly any smooth surface and can be easily trimmed for fitment.

    Can Reflect-A-Cool be purchased in other sizes?
    Currently there are 3 standard sizes, 48" x 36" (PN # 10412), 12" x 24" (PN # 10461), or 12" x 12" (PN # 10460). Bulk is available in 48" widths. If the standard sheet sizes of Reflect-A-Cool is more than what is required, DEI Cool Tape is constructed from the same material and can be used for the same purpose.

    What are some common uses for Reflect-A-Cool?
    Reflect-A-Cool is an excellent heat deflector and can be used on firewalls, marine engine bays, RV style "Dog Houses" and in a racecar tub where typical mechanical fasteners cannot be used. Reflect-A-Cool virutally requires NO clearance.

    Keeping Your Cool!
    Aluminized Heat Barrier with Adhesive Backing
    Designed to protect against the damaging effects of heat, Design Engineering, Inc offers a simple easy-to-install solution.

    Reflect-A-Cool is ideal for applying to any number of vulnerable areas on motorcycles and ATV's. From protecting painted panels and fairings, preventing fuel tanks from heating up or keeping your seat from overheating for those bikes with under-seat exhaust, this product has many other uses where heat is an enemy.

    Reflect-A-Cool is constructed of a fiberglass material backed with a thin 1 mil layer of aluminized reflective foil. It will reflect up to 2000F of radiant heat and will protect against direct continuous temperatures up to 400F.

    Reflect-A-Cool can be trimmed to fit just about any shape. With the reflective side facing the source of radiant heat, just measure, trim, remove self-adhesive backing and apply. It's that easy.

  • Withstands 400F direct continuous / 2000F radiant heat
  • Can be easily trimmed to size
  • Self-adhesive for easy installation
  • Virtually NO clearance needed

    Available in three different sizes including 12" x 12", 12" x 24", 24" x 24" and 36" x 48", Reflect-A-Cool can be special ordered in custom lengths in widths up to 36 inches.

  • Installation
    Professional Installation is Recommended.

    Universal TiteBike Reflect-A-Cool - 10460 Fits:
  • All Years Universal
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    Universal TiteBike Reflect-A-Cool - 10460 by TiteBike