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Universal TiteBike Speed Sleeves - Exhaust Sleeve 8 Cylinder Kit - 10115
Universal TiteBike Speed Sleeves - Exhaust Sleeve 8 Cylinder Kit - 10115

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Fits: All Years Universal


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Item Number: 10115

Speed Sleeves - Exhaust Sleeve 8 Cylinder kit
The perfect answer to tight spaces, makes wrapping your headers a snap. This kit provides everything you need to cover your primary pipes on your exhaust. They are easily installed in tight engine compartments. Great for trouble shooting specific components that are close to the exhaust like ignition wires or fuel line. A fantastic alternative to wrapping the entire header.
  • Kit includes enough material for any engine 2-8 cylinders
  • Quick and simple installation
  • Provides spot protection
  • For use when wrapping the entire header is not practical

    DEI Speed Sleeves FAQ

    Why do I want to wrap my headers, pipes or manifolds?
    Wrapping any type of exhaust piping is a crucial and important step when controlling exhaust temperatures and reducing radiant under-hood heat by up to 50%. Keeping exhaust gases hotter within the exhaust system helps in decreasing density and increasing the flow of exhaust gases. This improves exhaust scavenging which, in turn, reduces intake temperatures for increased horsepower gains. Also, limiting the radiant heat trapped inside the engine bay decreases heat absorption through the fire wall which keeps dash components and cabin temperatures to a an absolute minimum.

    What is exhaust wrap made of and does it contain asbestos?
    DEI exhaust wrap rolls are primarily composed of composite fiberglass material that is treated with a proprietary coating developed by DEI to help increase the wraps thermal resistance when compared to the other brands. DEI wraps contain NO ASBESTOS!

    Will wrapping my exhaust pipes make it rust?
    If the exhaust pipe is made of mild steel, it may rust over time with or without exhaust wrap. If you are going to wrap any kind of steel pipe we recommend using our HT Silicone Coating to seal and protect the wrap and even the pipe you are wrapping. In addition, HT Silicone provides added thermal insulation and increases the longevity of your wrap.

    Will the exhaust wrap work on my stock exhaust system?
    Yes, it is perfectly compatible with all exhaust systems from Cast Iron to Stainless Steel. Not only that, but you can safely use the wrap on any kind of tubing metal or aluminum. This includes piping on an intercooler, turbo down pipe, air intake and intake manifold.

    How are Speed Sleeves fastened?
    The locking fasteners are clamps that you crimp together holding the material. You will place a fastener 3" - 4" apart then crimp using a pair of pliers.

    Is it possible to use HT Silicone coating on Speed Sleeves?
    You can use the HT Silicone Coating but since the Speed Sleeves are likely to be installed while the exhaust manifold is on the vehicle, there could be over spray from the HT Silicone Coating. This can effect the cosmetics of the engine compartment and possibly contaminate oil, antifreeze, or air filters.

  • Installation
    Professional Installation is Recommended.

    Universal TiteBike Speed Sleeves - Exhaust Sleeve 8 Cylinder Kit - 10115 Fits:
  • All Years Universal
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    Universal TiteBike Speed Sleeves - Exhaust Sleeve 8 Cylinder Kit - 10115 by TiteBike