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Honda CBR600 Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen - 16-405
Honda CBR600 Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen - 16-405

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Improves the flow of air over the rider while reducing frontal area of the bike and rider combination.
Fits: 2003-2004 Honda CBR 600RR


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Double Bubble Windscreen - Aerodynamic Breakthrough
Following the aerodynamic trends that were developing in World Grand Prix racing in the early 90's, Team Zero Gravity experimented for the 1995 race season with a unique concept in windscreen design which improves the flow of air over the rider while reducing frontal area of the bike and rider combination. The windscreen appears as a "bubble within a bubble" which is exactly how this windscreen is fabricated.

The Double Bubble Goes Racing
Our first version of the Double Bubble appeared on Team ZG's 1995 Yamaha TZ250's ridden by Nick Ienatsch. Using the 1995 racing season to develop and refine the Double Bubble shape, ZG introduced the Double Bubble concept to the Honda factory team for the 1996 racing season. Honda riders Miguel DuHamel and Steve Crevier embraced the design for its improved airflow &more comfortable ride. Later that year Team Zero Gravity used the new Double Bubble on its own RC-45 superbike ridden by Ben Bostrom in his inaugural superbike race at Sears Point Raceway. In the years following, the Zero Gravity Double Bubble has become a staple for factory teams and privateers alike.

Because the Double Bubble concept had proven itself on the track and provides a unique look for the latest designs in sport bike styling, Zero Gravity introduced a line of Double Bubble windscreens in 1997 for most modern sportbikes which can be used for street or track applications. The Double Bubble series is in an ongoing development stage. If you don't see your bike listed, give us a call. Chances are we're working on it.

Imitation - The Best Form of Flattery
Because of the wide acceptance and sales success of the Zero Gravity Double Bubble, other windscreen brands have tried to copy the unique Double Bubble design. It is important for the consumer to know that there is a difference. And we invite you to compare the original Zero Gravity Double Bubble with any of our competitors' attempts at imitating our original design. The Zero Gravity Double Bubble will come out on top on all accounts.

  • Enhanced Shape
  • Pre-Drilled
  • Highest Optical Quality
  • Polished Visible Edges
  • Suitable for Street Use
  • Suitable for Track Use
  • Made from 3mm Acrylic Sheet

    Zero Gravity
  • Superior Optical Quality: Zero Gravity Windscreens feature the best optics of any windscreen on the market anywhere. All Zero Gravity windscreens are fabricated using highly specialized "blow molding" techniques similar to those used to form aircraft canopies. The result is a virtual distortion free optical lens.

  • Strength plus Flexibility: Made from the finest grade of acrylic plastic, Zero Gravity windscreens are stretched as they are formed, a process which results in superior strength and flexibility. This flexibility allows the windscreen to absorb road vibrations and to resist cracking.

  • Best Fit to OEM Fairing: Zero Gravity windscreen are factory pre-drilled and ready to install. The holes and windscreen profile closely match the O.E.M. fairing for a precision fit.

  • Race Proven: Used by the best Superbike, Grand Prix, Supersport and Endurance teams in America, Zero Gravity windscreens dominate roadracing from the club level to the nationals.

    Note: Images are for representation purposes only.
  • Installation
  • Step 1: Remove the existing windscreen from the fairing as instructed in the OEM customer manual.

  • Step 2: After carefully removing your windscreen from the package, place it in its position on the fairing inserting the front center mounting fastener first. If there is no front center fastener, insert the fastener closet to the front center. Either side will do. Do not tighten until all mounting fasteners are in place. Use your stock fastening hardware if available. If you need fasteners, call us. We stock fastener kits for most models.

  • Step 3: Once the windscreen is loosely mounted, begin tightening the fasteners from the front center outward. Do not over-tighten! Over-tightening may cause the windscreen to crack. Note: In the unlikely event your windscreen seems to not fit properly, please call us. We can either walk you through the installation process or give you a return authorization number to return the windscreen to us for inspection.

    Honda CBR600 Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen - 16-405 Fits:
  • 2003-2004 Honda CBR 600RR
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    Honda CBR600 Zero Gravity Double Bubble Windscreen - 16-405 by Zero Gravity